Luke 1:37 'For nothing will be impossible with God'

Prayer and fasting day!

The church was open from 10am – 7pm on the 14th September, with members of the congregation turning up when they could for an intentional time of prayer and reflection.

We firstly read John 9 and sought to use it as the basis for our prayers.

It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos of our lives – from washing-up, to school runs and shopping and appointments and visits to relatives etc – and so easy to forget our Creator God.

Some prayer points;

  • Praise God for who he is, and for all the many things he has done for us
  • Pray for our church community. Pray that we will honour God in all we do and say and pray that we will honour and love each other in word and action.
  • Pray for those who are unwell. Pray also for healing in relationships and communities.
  • Bring before God the things that make you concerned or worried today. Thank him that he knows and cares. Declare trust in him for the difficult times.
  • Ask God to speak. Thank him that he is a God who speaks, a loving father who loves to communicate with his children. Spend time in his presence and listen to what the Spirit has to say.

Tonight, thank God it’s Him…

Have you prepared all the food? And the presents for the children? Did you remember to post that card to the Petersons?

Christmas is full of busyness. It’s chaotic, it’s expensive and it’s quite often full of stress. And yet somehow in the middle of it all we keep singing festive songs about the Prince of Peace and how Jesus is the saviour of the world. That seems a bit like a contradiction!!

Take a few minutes out from your day to watch this –> Tonight, thank God it’s Him…

It’s 3 minutes.